Next family service, 2nd June at 10.30am. All welcome!

Latest News

New Curate

 We have some good news which is that we are going to be having a curate, and not just a curate but a curate with a difference! Kat Gregory-Witham, currently training for Ordination at Cranmer Hall in Durham, will be serving her curacy here with us at St Matthew’s from the end of June. However  Kat will be what is called an ‘Ordained Pioneer Minister.’ That means that, though she will be attached to us and I will be responsible for her training, she will be released for mission and evangelism in areas of our community where church presence is weak. We will of course see her at St Matthew’s but not nearly as often as a normal curate because of the Pioneer nature of her role. Her work will be to build relationships with people who are far from the church at the moment and pioneer new ways of bringing them to faith. I am delighted that Kat will be coming to us and am much looking forward to having a colleague. I hope this encourages women's ministry in Burnley. Kat is an extremely able person who used to be Diocesan Youth Officer. Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares for Ordination. 

Family Service and Sunday School

Every first Sunday in the month is our family service. The service commences at 10.30am and lasts for around 30 minutes.

Sunday School is every third Sunday in the month at 10.30am. Lots of crafts and activities for young people to get involved with. 

Everybody is very welcome!

Breakfast Club

 Really encouraged by those who have offered services to church recently but could you consider helping with this?

We are looking to launch a Saturday morning Breakfast Club in March providing a basic free breakfast to anyone in our local community. Children will have to be accompanied by an adult to receive a breakfast.

We will serve tea/coffee toast and cereal (No eggs or bacon)
It will be funded by church and donations.

Why are we doing it?
To engage with our local community.

What is the plan?
The initial plan is to trial it for six months, looking for twelve volunteers, to support the project on a rolling rota basis. 2 people per each Saturday morning in it's infancy but if it goes well we will increase the team.

Fr Alex will be the third person to support this is it's infancy but the long term plan is that this will be voluntary led to offer outreach to the parish allowing Vicar to step back from this idea.

No money will exchange hands to minimise any concerns around security.

In the first instance please get in touch with Fr Alex if you may consider being part of this little adventure.

Remember only one Saturday every six weeks for approx 3 hours of your time would be required.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE TO BE PART OF THIS PROJECT YOU WILL NEED TO BE DBS CHECKED, to comply with our safeguarding obligations.

Thanks for your time,
Fr Alex